About The Nudist Massage

During my years of massage I met many people (women, men, couples, etc.) who have wanted to free themselves of the traditional draped massage were they are covered by a sheet or more. Instead they wish to be nude during their massage and they want to be safe during their experience with no hang ups or concerns of their sexual boundaries being crossed. With this I offer to them this open experience. So if you are interested in an open, freeing, relaxing and healing experience then please contact me for an appointment.

1. This service is performed by a male.
2. The therapist is not nude during the session.
3. This service is a non-sensual/sexual service.
4. There is no genital release.

About The Therapist

Hercules has been massage therapist for over 23 years and has been a part of the nudist lifestyle for over 25 years.  He brings a great sense of understanding to his table for people who are looking to experience a nude massage.  His style is a blend of both relaxation and repairing a person body.  Because of his vast background Hercules is able to work with you to help address any needs that you have.  Schedule your session now

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